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Cancer Insurance

When you get news that you could possibly have cancer, one of the biggest worries is whether you can pay for the needed treatments to live. There is a way that you can help to protect your family and your financial situation, however, and that is with cancer insurance.

Purchasing cancer insurance can be done via your employer or through your health insurance provider. The supplemental policies can help cover the amounts that the health insurance does not cover, including deductibles, copays, and more. In addition, mammograms and colonoscopies are covered as well to ensure that you can get the prevention diagnostics done that you need.

If you are diagnosed with cancer and want to file a claim, your physician will need to submit a few piece of paperwork. You will first want to get copy of your diagnosis from your physician and a copy of your treatment plan as well. The insurance company will take the information and evaluate it to determine what types of claims you will file in the future.

Cancer is a disease that dictates ongoing treatment, which means that you will most likely file many claims through the cancer policy to help cover the extra costs that your health insurance will not cover.

Normally, this type of policy will cover the entire cost of treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, while regular health insurance will only pay a percentage. The policy will pay for scans as well to look at the cancers progression and pay for any overnight hotel stays that is dictated for treatment.

This policy can be an emotional thing to sign up for, but it can be very helpful. This can be the way to take care of your family and your financial future when you are not able to.