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Boating comes with many dangers, including accidents, drivers who are reckless, bad weather, tides, and more. Unfortunately, these dangers strike when least expected, which is why it is essential that you have boating insurance to not only cover damage or loss of your boat, but also property and bodily damage as well.

Every boat owner needs insurance to protect their own interests, as well as anyone else on the water with them. Even minor injuries can cost a lot of money to treat and this should be covered by your insurance. It is much better to pay a monthly payment to your boat insurance company, rather than a huge sum to someone who has been injured due to a boating accident that you were responsible for.

Choosing insurance depends upon the type of boat you have, as well as the type of coverage that you choose. The majority of policies cover the body of the boat, while others pay for damage on the engine or mechanical parts solely. To be a responsible boat owner, it is essential that you have insurance to ensure that you can cover any costs that you may be responsible for.

Boating on the open water is a great adventure, but to be responsible, it is essential that you have some type of boating insurance. This will protect your investment in your boat, as well as any medical costs, damage costs, and other costs that you may be responsible for as the boat owner.