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Community Cause

Central Valley Children Struggling with Cancer and Disabilities

Throughout the California Central Valley, thousands of families are fighting back against life-threatening diseases and disabilities affecting their children. Pediatric cancer, autism, and other tragic afflictions are on the rise in our communities, and Confidence Plus Insurance Services is announcing a long term campaign to help provide hope and support to families in our area that need help ensuring their children receive the best care possible.

Ambassadors for Children in Need

We are very proud to announce that Confidence Plus Insurance is now a recognized Regional Ambassador in the central Valley for the #AgentsofChange movement. During this ongoing campaign, our goals will be to help provide assistance to children facing cancer or other serious afflictions by supporting local initiatives that provide medical care to underprivileged families, improve the quality of life of children hospitalized for difficult disorders, and funnel resources toward research into cures and treatments for a broad range of conditions.

There are thousands of families in our area that need help, and we won’t be successful without the help of people like you.

Be Part of the Confidence Plus Team

You can be part of the effort to provide support to children in our area facing serious diseases or disabilities without making any donations. All we need you to do is invite your friends and loved ones into their nearest Confidence Plus Insurance office for a complimentary insurance consultation. We will share information about this cause with them, and as a thank you we will issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a regional support program that provides assistance to families with sick, injured, or disabled children.

Help Us Provide for Local Children

We can’t do this without you, but if we work together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of families in central California. We hope you decide to be part of our team.


Dean Shibler

Confidence Plus Insurance Services

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